✎ Anonymous: what kind of boyfriend would Madison be?

Random question! I believe he would be really caring and would put effort into the relationship. He would remember little things like your favorite flowers and your anniversary date and things like that. Very sentimental and he would be happy to be dating you!

Happy April 14th!

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Hello y’all!

There’s a couple things to address here, but first, an apology from all three of us for not being as active as we’d hoped to be. We are all high school students and there is no excuse, but this blog just wasn’t our top priority. 
It’s obviously come to our attention that Louis is no longer in To Be One. We all thought it was a personal decision of his, but that wasn’t the case. The fact that Layla Kayleigh kicked Louis to the curb over night and isn’t letting the rest of the boys communicate with him is absolutely revolting and completely unprofessional. We realize Layla thinks this will benefit the group, but she has only proven to be a dishonorable and improper manager since day one. We are not trying to hate and we encourage you to do the same, we’re all appalled by her decision but it’s out of our hands and what’s done is done. However, all of us at tobeboyz are no longer behind Layla and her antics; it’s wrong of her to kick out whoever she wants and tear down and remodel the group as she sees fit. We know this is not what Mikey, Jason and Madison want but they don’t have much of a choice and they are practically forced to comply in this situation but it is still heartbreaking to see. She went as far as typing up a juicy “sorry” note and posting it from all 3 of their twitters when it is not what they individually want to say. She’s literally feeding them things to say that will sound good to the public.These four have been close friends for a number of years and Layla’s vision has obviously gotten in the way of that now. (Not to mention this has happened before with their previous manager, the whole “kick out and forbid further communication” thing is not exactly new, so to have it happen to you twice must be awful and disappointing.) Our support goes out to you, Louis!
Another thing that needs to be sorted out is the Ask Nick feature of the blog that we set up before we went inactive. Again, we are not trying to slander Nick or any one close to him, but the representative we spoke to that allowed us to do this Ask Nick also proved to be unprofessional and we wish we could provide you with a complete explanation why we cannot follow through with it, but we do not know ourselves and we aren’t going to investigate seeing as it has been over a month since we and said representative have been in contact. We were very excited to do it and bring something new every month from Nick to you guys exclusively and we are sorry that it has fallen through the cracks. 
It’s proving difficult to fully support and remotely even run a blog about anyone who can have a nasty team surrounding them that influence who they portray themselves as and the decisions they make. It’s very unfortunate that people go to extreme limits just to make a profit. As always, we wish both Nick Mara and To Be One success. We know that there will always be opportunities down the road for them and we are excited to watch them take it. Don’t let a bad situation taint your judgement if you can help it. xo

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